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About Us


          Wathba International Company Ltd. is a new revolution in International business, every business plan created by us has perfect resource utilisation and  strategic management.  One of our unique business plan  enables our clients to expand their business within their limits. Society has a stigma that International trading is an unachievable task, but for us it is just another project.


      Wathba International Company Ltd. is founded in 2015, fosters international business by strengthening the role of local, regional, national and global associations that have an international mission. Wathba International Company Ltd. provides resources, benefits and services to the international trade community and useful tools to help you do business globally.


    Organizations that are linked with Wathba International Company Ltd. through their partnership represent a broad cross-section of the international trade and business community in diverse fields including construction, manufacturing, electricals, furnishings, building materials, recreational activity groups. Each organisation has their own parameters in terms of quality and service, and we have been giving our best in the industry.

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